Collins Bus Type A

  • Seating capacity of 24 passengers or 18+2 wheelchair positions
  • Dedicated CNG
  • Estimated vehicle range of 200–250 miles
  • Ford E-450, 6.8-liter cutaway chassis
  • CNG gaseous engine prep package that includes hardened exhaust valves and valve seats for improved wear resistance and durability for gaseous fuel system
  • Stainless steel fuel lines, fittings, and injector rails
  • Uses existing OEM fuel gauge for CNG
  • Lowest emissions of any school bus offering

Meets or Exceeds the Highest Safety Standards and tests

  • Federal Government FMVSS 304 Compressed Natural Gas Fuel Container Integrity
  • ANSI/CSA NGV2 – Basic Requirements for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Containers
  • Various physical tank tests conducted including: hydraulic, drop, bonfire, and ballistic
  • Vehicle crash tests include:
    • Physical tests with two Ford E-450 school bus chassis—data gathered along with detailed video analysis for design and engineering improvements and validation
    • Numerous simulated tests
    • Data reviewed by Westport and Collins, and reviewed by Ford

OEM Quality

  • Direct offering from original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) – Collins Bus Corporation & Ford Motor Company
  • Integrated natural gas system provided by Ford's first and largest Quality Vehicle Modifier (QVM)
  • Meets or exceeds OEM standards
  • Only OEM offering using a more durable base engine
  • Only OEM recognized Type-A CNG school bus on the market
Collins Bus Type A




6.8-liter V10



Tank Options:


  • (2) 16 x 47
    (1) 12 x 72 = 30 GGE

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Collins Type A School Bus (Dedicated CNG)

Apr. 15, 2021»